It is Time to Lower Construction Costs With Local and Alternative Building Materials says CORBON Chairman

It is Time to Lower Construction Costs With Local and Alternative Building Materials says CORBON Chairman

Sep 13, 2023

By Esther Alexander

Nigeria is said to have the highest construction cost in the world, that makes reduction in housing deficit slow. In this exclusive interview with Housing TV Africa, Chairman of Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria CORBON, Bldr. Samson Ameh Opaluwah FNIOB, and QAA says there is a need for the use of alternative building materials and production of local building materials in Nigeria.

Opaluwah urged the government to encourage made in Nigeria houses by navigating towards exploring other available options for building houses. An example he said would be to explore cement replacement through the appropriate materials.”

“Stakeholders must wake up and come up with policies that will reduce corruption and regulate the built environment. With this everyone providing services in the building construction ecosystem must be a trained and skilled professional.


“Our policy must connect with the needs of the people to fizzle out corruption, we must come up with various building solutions aimed to reduce the cost of construction.

“Why don’t we consider cement replacement, I laugh when people talk about strong blocks, the block is just an infield. Even if you use steel to make it you are just spending your money.

“Instead of having a hundred percent cement, I could have sixty-five percent and replace it with some other material and still acquire the strength needed to build.

“Take the area of ceramics, tiles, and others. The government can foster collaboration with manufacturers to produce various standards and classes to meet the affordability needs of low, medium, and high-income earners.

It is possible for everyone to own a home if their needs are addressed accordingly, he added.

According to Opaluwah Nigeria has a lot to do and must focus on skills development at all levels, reskilling, and training around the clock.

“We must begin to question the norm by treading the part of building hundred percent made in Nigeria houses.”

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